Cumberland Reduces Phosphorus with Ovivo MBR Technology

Currently under construction, the Cumberland, WI WWTP is abandoning their dated RBC system with a state-of-the-art Ovivo MBR (membrane bioreactor) plant. The new 0.4 MGD system should be in operation in Summer 2016.  The plant, designed by MSA Professional Services, is projected to achieve TP levels less than 0.075 mg/l and TN levels less than 10 mg/l.

BOD and TSS levels are expected to be nearly undetectable in the final effluent.  Ovivo was selected over other MBR systems based on a careful evaluation that looked at factors such as equipment cost, capital construction cost, O&M costs, installation history, and ease of operation and maintenance.

The Ovivo MBR system includes anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic treatment zones to reduce nutrient loads to the receiving stream with minimal chemical and energy requirements. Ovivo’s scope of supply includes influent fine screening, anoxic/anaerobic mixers, recycle pumps, aeration blower/diffuser systems, membranes cassettes with permeate pumps and CIP maintenance systems as well as a completely integrated controls and instrumentation package.

Ovivo MBR technology offers many advantages over conventional activated sludge processes included extremely high effluent quality, small plant footprint, reduced waste sludge volumes and simplified operations.