Energenecs’ process group represents internationally renowned German manufactured Huber fine screen and grit removal systems.  We have installed, serviced and support over 50 Huber installations across Wisconsin. As a tremendous benefit to our customers, and as the supplier of the control system for our screens and grit processes, we provide fast and efficient local service for the headworks screen, pumps, and grit systems at reasonable cost.  This allows us to assist our wastewater treatment plant managers and operators in optimizing their screening and headworks operations without having to live with control system settings that were never changed from the date of startup potentially leading to improper headworks operation.

Huber Rake Max screening system

Wisconsin has benefited from years of headworks improvement projects all around the state from very large installations such as Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s installation of eight RakeMax screens to small community wastewater headworks facilities from Hayward to Clinton to Egg Harbor.
From Smith and Loveless, high removal efficiencies originate from the PISTA® Grit Chamber’s unparalleled hydraulic design, including its flat chamber floor, patented and low-energy axial-flow propeller. The combination creates a true vortex that effectively separates grit from organics and the waste stream. Forced vortex action distinguishes the PISTA® Grit Chamber from all other so-called “vortex” grit chambers because it does not rely on less efficient particle settling or gravity. Smith and Loveless is the grit technology of choice across Wisconsin.
PISTA® Grit Chamber

Smith & Loveless Pista® Grit system yields the plant operator a simple, reliable process which removes grit more efficiently than any grit system in the market

Huber fine screen in influent wastewater channel

Huber fine screen in influent wastewater channel

Energenecs and world-class German manufacturer Huber bring professional process engineering and superior headworks screening machines to the Wisconsin market.  Each installation has its own unique installation conditions with a primary goal of removal of inorganic materials and also accomplishing removal of various items that can clog influent pumps. We enjoy taking complete system responsibility where we provide overall control of the fine screen, pumping and grit systems. We have found through 15 years of installation experiences that the unique fine-tuning required to each and every site is paramount to a superior and long term screening installation.  Our field technicians take pride in being able to locally support wastewater treatment plant operators with ideas to improve their headworks operations after the installation and for many years after the initial installation.
Huber screening and grit systems are 100% stainless steel and full-immersion passivated in their German factory. Control panels are assembled, programmed and tested here in Wisconsin.  This local support feature provides our clients valuable long term support for large process equipment vs competitors that must rely on very expensive service personnel to fly from around the country at great cost and at great delay to provide even the most basic of services. Various “me too” and “or equal” copycat screens have come and gone over the years, some are replaced within 5-10 years’ time. But Huber screens continue to operate reliably and with extreme durability for the long haul.
 NEMA 7 hand station, PLC control

Screen can be operated locally with explosion proof NEMA 7 hand station, PLC control optimizes the screen and pump station operations.

Energenecs uses only the very finest industrial grade control and instrumentation on headworks projects where we control the hardware and software decisions:
  • Allen Bradley controller and operator interface
  • Energenecs manufactured UL labeled control panel
  • Rosemount magnetic flow meters
  • Endress Hauser level instrumentation

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