Instrumentation for Water and Wastewater

We select water and wastewater instrumentation & control components for our control systems very carefully.  As a control system integrator who practices true open architecture SCADA systems, we are open-minded, and have no contractual representation relationships with any of our control and instrumentation supplier partners. This fact allows us to take a professional and impartial approach to any given application.

Our suppliers provide expedient delivery, industrial quality, and technical support at a reasonable cost so we know the product actually works well in the water and wastewater applications we serve.   We have found through many years of field experiences that some hardware and software may not quite be ready for the real-world.

Energenecs uses only the very finest industrial grade instrumentation on projects where we control the hardware and software decisions, namely internationally renowned companies such as:

  • Rosemount magnetic flow meters, pressure transmitters, air and methane gas flow meters
  • Endress Hauser submersible, ultrasonic & radar level instrumentation, analytical instrumentation
  • Hach dissolved oxygen and analytical instrumentation
Aeration process air flowmeter and dissolved oxygen
Effluent Magnetic Flowmeter
Wastewater effluent open-channel ultrasonic flowmeter

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