Radio Telemetry

The move in the last decade to unlicensed 900MHz Ethernet spread spectrum radio systems has only increased the mandatory testing of the radio network prior to deployment. These 900MHz frequencies have also led to increases in antenna height at strategic locations when using unlicensed radios for critical control systems.

Our approach begins with taking a look at the physical terrain using common available topographical software mapping programs. This gives a very broad idea of radio path distances and a crude approximation of radio path performance for any given radio application. Our experience of over 30 years of installing radio systems demands we set-up actual radios and antenna and radio path test software in the field to determine first hand the specified radio system paths will in fact be reliable. Lacking a proper field radio path study often leads to problems, sometimes severe.

Energenecs field technicians are competent to climb water towers and antenna structures to install and properly terminate antenna cables to ensure long term radio path performance. Our technicians pay attention to properly sized antenna cables to reduce line losses, proper antenna grounding practices, as well as fall safety regulations using quality professional gear when climbing elevated towers.

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